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Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing lock activities

To view the lock activities,

  1. Go to the home page and select the property in which the lock is associated to
  2. Select the lock
  3. Go to [Logs]
  4. Tap on [Sync] to update the activities from the lock (please be within Bluetooth range to the lock)
  5. View the updated activity log

Examples of activities that is reflected here are:

  1. PIN creation
  2. Lock unlocks
  3. Lock relocks
  4. Incorrect PIN attempts
  5. Changes to lock settings

As the Logs are updated via Bluetooth, syncing can only be done within Bluetooth range. Should you want to receive live-time notifications for when people unlock the door, the Bluetooth Key should be used. All other PIN code methods do not allow live-time notifications. 

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Types of Access

The app allows you to generate two main types of access:

  1. PIN codes - These are temporary codes that you or your guests can use to unlock your door. You can create either:

  • Custom PIN via Bluetooth (4-6 digits long). You can create a personalized PIN code within Bluetooth range of the lock.

  • AlgoPIN™ Code (7-9 digits long). Generate a random PIN code even when you are away from the lock.

  1. Bluetooth Keys - These are digital keys that can be shared with users on the app, allowing them to unlock the door directly from their smartphones via Bluetooth.

PIN Code validity

You can set the validity period for PIN codes when creating them. There are four options:

  1. Once - valid for a single use.

  2. Permanent - valid until deleted or the lock is unpaired or removed from the app.

  3. Duration - set a specific start and end date/time for the PIN code to be valid.

  4. Weekly - repeats access for one day each week within a chosen time frame.

Note: For security reasons, remotely generated AlgoPIN™ codes require activation within 24 hours of creation. This ensures that the intended recipient receives and uses the PIN code promptly. Custom PINs (Once/Permanent/Duration/Weekly) can be used anytime and no activation period is required after creation.

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What is a Bluetooth key?

A Bluetooth Key allows you to unlock the igloohome SmartLock with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It also allows your guests to unlock your lock using their igloohome app via Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth key has a Start Date and Time, as well as a End Date and Time. Start Time and End Time can be set to the nearest minute.

There are no limits to the number of Bluetooth Keys that are generated.

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