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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get real-time notifications when my igloohome SmartLock is unlocked?

As igloohome locks are not connected to the internet, real-time notifications are only available when the igloohome lock is unlocked via Master Bluetooth Unlock/Bluetooth Key.

For PIN code activities, you will be able to view them after updating Access Logs on the app.


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How do I change the email address I use with the lock?

Step 1: While in the account with the old email address, delete your lock from the account

Step 2: Create a new account with the new email that you want to use

Step 3: Pair your lock with the new account and you're done!

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Why isn't my Bluetooth unlock working?

There are a few reasons why Bluetooth unlock does not work

You are not within the range of the lock for it to detect your phone's Bluetooth signal. Ensure your phone is near the lock when attempting to unlock.
The Bluetooth signal is weak or intermittent. Switch your Bluetooth off and on, and attempt to unlock again.
The app is not responsive. Stop and restart the app on your phone and attempt to Bluetooth unlock again.
The battery level on the lock is low. Gain access to your property through other means (9V Jumpstart or Physical Key) and change new batteries.
Ensure that your Location Services is turned on.

If you continue facing issues with Bluetooth unlock, feel free to contact us via:
Email: support@igloohome.co
Contact number:
(Singapore) +65 3129 2464 (24 hours)
(USA) +1 929 224 0688 (24 hours)

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