What is Auto Unlock?

Auto Unlock is a hassle-free way to unlock your door. When you arrive home, your phone unlocks your door automatically while inside your pocket. 

Auto Unlock is designed to unlock your door only when you arrive home. It uses your phone’s Location and Bluetooth to know:

(1) When you’re home (Home Mode)

(2) When you’re away (Away Mode)

In Home Mode, Auto Unlock is on standby and will not unlock your door. This allows us to prevent unwanted accidental unlocks when you’re at home. 

In Away Mode, Auto Unlock will be ready to automatically unlock your door when you arrive home.


A.) Does Auto Unlock work with my lock?

Auto Unlock is available for the following models:

  • Mortise Touch (MT1)

  • Retrofit Lock (OE1X)

  • Push-Pull Mortise (MP1F)

  • Smart Lever Mortise (ML5X)

  • Mortise 2+ (IGM4)

  • Mortise 2 (IGM3)

  • Deadbolt 2E (IGB4A)

  • Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey (IGB4)

  • Glass Door Lock (RG1X)

  • Rim Lock for Wooden Doors (RW1X)

  • Rim Lock for Metal Gates (IGR1)

  • Gate Lock (RM2/RM2F)

  • Padlock (IGP1)

  • Padlock E (SP1E)

  • Keybox 3E (SK3E)

  • Keybox 3 (IGK3)

Note: While the setting is available, Auto Unlock does not yet work for the Keypad (EK1X). Auto Unlock for Keypad is in our current roadmap and is undergoing development.

I don’t see Auto Unlock on the app

  • Auto Unlock can be found in your lock’s settings

  • You might be on an older version of the app. Update your app to the latest version (Auto Unlock was released on 2.13.0)

C.) I can’t enable Auto Unlock

  • You’ll need to be within Bluetooth range of the lock to set it up the first time.

  • You’ll need to be within Bluetooth range of the lock to enable it after disabling Auto Unlock. We’re currently looking to change this such that you can re-enable it anywhere in a future update.

D.) Auto Unlock didn’t work

  1. Internet or mobile data might not be available (or turned off). We need internet in order to obtain precise location instead of an approximate location for the Auto Unlock geofence to work.

  2. Auto Unlock includes recommended settings that could improve reliability. These settings can be found by going to: Your Lock’s Settings > Auto Unlock > Optional Settings

  3. Disabling app killing processes on the phone can improve reliability. This website includes information on how you can fix this for your phone: https://dontkillmyapp.com/ 

  4. You might not have gone far enough away from home (Away Mode). To enter Away Mode, you must go further than 100m (default) away from your lock. This will allow Auto Unlock to unlock your door when you arrive home.

  5. Your lock batteries might be too low.

  6. Auto Unlock might be disabled.

  7. Bluetooth or Location might be disabled on your device.

  8. The location of your lock could be set incorrectly. If this is the case, reconfigure your Auto Unlock by going to: Your Lock’s Settings > Auto Unlock > Tap on the map

  9. Your phone might be experiencing Bluetooth issues. Restart your phone.

  10. You might have arrived at a door other than your Auto Unlock-enabled one.

  11. Auto Unlock does not work very well on certain devices. In our testing, we’ve found that iPhones and Samsung phones tend to perform best, while Xiaomi phones and Huawei phones tend to perform poorer due to device-specific or OS-specific configurations.

E.) My door unlocked when I didn’t expect it to

The home area (geofence) you’ve set might need to be bigger. Consider setting the geofence to a larger value (e.g. 200m).

F.) Does this work with guests?

At the moment Auto Unlock does not work with guests or Bluetooth Keys that you send out.

G.) How many locks can I use Auto Unlock with?

1 lock maximum.