For New Users:

  1. Tap [Pair New Lock]
  2. Select Property, and tap the "+" icon on top right corner of your screen to create a new property
  3. Enter the property name and region, and tap [Submit]
  4. Select a Lock Model
  5. Press any key on the lock to activate it and tap [Next]
  6. Select the product ID that is highlighted in the app
  7. Enter the lock name and tap [Submit]

For Current Users:

  1. Go to [Configuration] from the Menu
  2. Tap [Add Lock]
  3. Follow the instructions as per the previous section (Pair New Lock)

You may wish to organize your locks with home listings should you have multiple locks in multiple properties.

Your phone requires a stable internet connection (ideally mobile data) and Bluetooth needs to be turned on while pairing your igloohome lock to ensure a smooth pairing process. 

A single igloohome SmartLock can only be paired with one igloohome account (one email address) at a time while a single igloohome account (email address) can be used to pair with an unlimited number of locks. 

However, it is possible to use the same account across multiple devices.

Important: Should you wish to share your account details with others, please note that these users will be able to perform actions such as: changing the Master PIN, resetting the lock, and deleting the lock from your account.

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