Connect Airbnb to igloohome account

From account settings, tap [Connect with Airbnb].

You will receive a confirmation prompt to connect with Airbnb. Tap [Ok] on the prompt and you will be redirected to the Airbnb login page.

Log in to Airbnb with your preferred method. In this user guide, we will use email to login to Airbnb.

Enter your login details and tap [Log in].

Review the permissions requested and tap [Allow].

Your Airbnb account has been connected.

Add Listing

From the igloohome app menu, tap [Reservations].

Tap the [+] icon on the top right corner to add a listing.

You will be shown a list of properties containing locks you've paired to the igloohome app. Connect a property to your new listing by tapping [Connect].

Select the Airbnb listing to be connected

  • Select a check in time for the listing
  • Select a check out time for the listing
  • Select the number of hour(s) before check in time for your guests to receive their access message (Default = 1 hour)
  • Tap [Submit]

Your listing has been added.

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