When the keypad light does not light up at all:

This means that the battery for the Glass Rim is completely flat. If this happens when you are outside the home, you may wish to use a 9V battery to jumpstart the lock.

If your keypad double flashes on touch:

This means that your lock's Keypad Disabled mode has been activated. To disable this mode, you can try to unlock using: Bluetooth Unlock from outside of the lock; or the multi-function button from the inside of the lock.

If your keypad produces a single flash only with a siren sounding:

This means that you have keyed in consecutive wrong PIN attemps and the lock is on Security Lockout mode.To disable the Security Lockout, you may try to unlock with: Bluetooth Unlock key or using a valid RFID card.

If your keypad lights up with numbers only:

This means that your lock volume is possibly set to mute. To test this, try to unlock with your PIN, followed by the unlock button.

Article Number:IHRG1IT1004
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