There are many possible beeps that comes from the lock which has different diagnostic symptoms. If your lock is beeping, we encourage you to take a video of the lock behavior and send it to us at for further troubleshooting.

As guidance, these are the different possible beeps you may encounter and their respective indications:

1. You have keyed in the wrong PIN: the lock will emit 4 short beeps and flash Red LED 2 times

2. You have used an invalid RFID card: the lock will emit 4 fast descending tones

3. There is something obstructing the lock from unlocking: the lock will emit an obstruction alarm of 6 sets of 4 short beeps. Do reach out to us at if you encounter this.

4. You have keyed in the wrong PIN consecutively for 5 times: the lock will emit sound a siren and the keypad will be disabled for 30 seconds.

5. Your lock is low on battery: If battery is low, the low battery indicator on the front panel will pulse Red LED with 3 descending tones when the keypad is woken up.

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