When the keypad light does not light up at all:

This means that the battery for the Rim lock is completely flat. If this happens when you are outside the home, you may wish to use a 9V jumpstart to power up the lock, and at the same time key in your PIN to unlock your door. Do change the batteries immediately after.

If your keypad double flashes upon touch and not registering any PINs:

This means that your lock's Keypad Disabled mode has been activated. To disable this mode, you can try to unlock using: Bluetooth Unlock or a FOB if available. You can also try to hold on to the multi-function button if you are inside of the door.

If your keypad emits a single flash upon touch:

This means that you have keyed in consecutive wrong PIN attemps and the lock is on Security Lockout mode.To disable the Security Lockout, you may try to unlock with: Bluetooth Unlock key.

If your keypad lights up with numbers only:

This means that your lock volume is set to mute. To test this, try to unlock with your PIN, followed by the unlock button.

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