Airbnb Connect automates the generation of PIN codes for your Airbnb guests. This saves you the time taken to create PIN codes manually. 

Here's how it works: 

1. A guest makes an approved booking on your Airbnb calendar. 

2. At 1 hour (default but can be changed) before the check-in time, a PIN code is sent via the in app messaging Airbnb platform. The PIN code needs to be used within 24 hours of the check-in time and date.
3. The PIN code is only valid for the duration of the guest's approved duration of stay. After check-out time on their last day, the PIN code expires automatically. 

Note: Check-in and check-out time is determined by the Airbnb listing when it is first connected but can be changed from the settings in your igloohome app.

This is a sample message of what is sent to each Airbnb guest:

Hi Mae,

Here is your igloohome self check in details at Amazing View Studio from Mar 2, 2020 to Mar 6, 2020.

Place your palm over the keypad on the lock and enter the PIN code below to unlock. 

  • Access PIN code for Amazing View Studio: 35019499# or Lock icon

Your PIN is valid from the check-in time and check-out time. Please use within 24 hours from your check-in time to activate the PIN. 

If you experience any issues, please contact your host.

Enjoy your stay!

The igloohome Team

Airbnb Connect is currently under free trial until further notice.