Step 1: Connect to Airbnb account

  1. Open the igloohome app
  2. Menu (top left hand corner) 
  3. Click on profile picture (top left hand corner) 
  4. Click ‘Connect with Airbnb’ button
  5. Log into your Airbnb account

Step 2: Sync each Airbnb listing with your igloohome listing

  1. Return to menu 
  2. Set Up Home
  3. Select your product
  4. Manage Homes
  5. Select the igloohome listing which you want to sync with your Airbnb listing
  6. Under ‘Connect Providers’, click on Airbnb
  7. Select the Airbnb listing you want to sync and click ‘Confirm’.

Step 3: Automate check-in for the listing you have synced

  1. Now that the listings are synced, return to menu 
  2. Reservations
  3. Refresh the page by dragging down
  4. Select the igloohome listing that you have synced
  5. Click ‘Automate check-in’
  6. Start free trial
  7. Press OK