Issues and Troubleshooting

Why are my reservations not appearing on the igoohome app?

Please make sure that you are logged in as the Airbnb host and not as a co-host. 

Wrong account connected to Airbnb

There are three things that we need to do: 1. Launch Safari or Google Chrome on your mobile device > go to > tap on the Airbnb log...

I changed the property name on the igloohome app but it’s not reflecting in the PIN messages. What can I do?

Any changes made on the igloohome account (property name, check-in and check out time) should reflect on the PIN messages. If this doesn’t happen, please co...

I changed my check-in and check-out times but it didn’t affect the current/ongoing reservation I have. What can I do?

You can change the check in time of a reservation should your guest decide to come early; this will generate a new PIN for them.   For changing the check-...

My reservations are not showing for some reason. What can I do?

This happens when there are changes made on the Airbnb account such as changing email address or you disconnected and reconnected your Airbnb account.