Key Cards and Key Stickers

How do I unlock with key cards/key stickers?

After adding your key card/sticker to the Mortise, unlock by tapping your key card/sticker on the Card icon on the Mortise lock. Note: The key sticker w...

How do I delete RFID cards?

There are 2 methods of deleting RFID cards: Delete card by tapping on lock Tap on the lock and enter *41#<Master PIN>#<4 digit security pin>...

How many key cards/ key stickers can I add to the Smart Mortise?

A total of 16 key cards/key stickers can be added. 

I have changed the names of the NFC cards, but do not see the name reflected in Activity Logs when I update logs. Why is this so?

In the current version of the app, this feature is not available. It will be available in the 1.7.0 app version.