Provided in the table are the audio and LED indicators for the Mortise touch

Bluetooth Connection
Status indicator flashes Blue
Successfully Unlocked
Ascending 4 fast tones after unlocked and flash Green LED 2 times
Successfully Locked
1 long beep after product is locked and Green LED for 2 seconds
Incorrect PIN
4 short beeps and flash Red LED 2 times
Invalid RFID
Descending 4 fast tones
Invalid Fingerprint
Single invalid attempt - 2 short beeps 3 invalid attempts - Descending 4 fast tones
Obstruction Alarm
6 sets of 4 short beeps
Keypad Disabled Mode Activated
Ascending 3 fast tones
Keypad Disabled Mode Deactivated
Descending 3 fast tones
Keypad Security Lockout Alarm
Low-high siren for 30 /60 / 90 seconds
Keypad Security Lockout Deactivated
2 long beeps
Low Battery Alert
When mortise is locked or unlocked: If battery is below 20% - 2 sets of 2 short beeps with pulsing Red LED If battery is below 10% - 4 sets of 2 short beeps with pulsing Red LED
Fire Alarm
Ascending 4 continuous tones
Tamper Alarm
Continuous long beep
Hard Reset / Unpair
Descending 3 slow tones
Ascending 3 fast tones