Here are the various methods of accessing the Mortise Touch and how each one works. By understanding the different modes, you will be equipped with the knowledge to choose the most suitable way to gain entry.

Mode of access ( Entry) Pin Codes, RFID tags and Stickers, Digital Keys, Fingerprint, Physical Keys
Mode of access ( Exit)Inner Handle, Digital Keys, Multifunction button and Key Fob

A. ) Pin Code:

As the owner, you have several options for accessing the lock. First, you can utilize the Master Pin code once it is paired to your account, this grants full control and is typically unique and known only to you, ensuring maximum security.

Additionally, you have the capability to generate Guest Pin code in which you can share to individuals whom you want to grant access to your property. This is convenient for allowing trusted friends, family members or service providers to enter your premises without sharing your master Pin code.

Master PIN Code

This is a PIN code that works every time and can be customized via Bluetooth by lock owner.

Guest PIN Code

This is generated via algoPIN™ technology or customized via

Bluetooth by lock owner. Includes One-Time, Duration, Permanent and Recurring PIN codes.

B.) Bluetooth Key

Another method of accessing the lock is through Bluetooth Keys. To use this method, you need to download the igloohome App and register an account.  You can be the owner of the lock, or be a recipient of a Guest Bluetooth Key to use this as a valid mode of access.

Note: You need to be within Bluetooth range of the lock, and have your Bluetooth services switched on.

C.) RFID tags and Stickers

Another mode of access for the lock is through RFID tags and stickers. Once the key tag and sticker is registered, you can simply tap on the RFID reader to unlock the Mortise Touch. You can register up to 100 tags and stickers. Only the provided RFID tags and stickers are recommended.

D.) Fingerprint

Another way to access the lock is via Fingerprint unlock. This allows you to use your unique fingerprint to gain entry and can register up to 100 fingerprints. 

E.) Key Fob

Another way of unlocking is via the Key Fob. You need to add the Key Fob to your account and link it to the Mortise Touch.  The LED indicator on the lock will flash blue to establish the Bluetooth connection, then green when it is successfully unlocked. You will also hear four ascending tones.

F.) Mechanical Handle

This can only be accessed from the back assembly. In case of unforeseen circumstances,

you will never be locked in. Push/ pull the mechanical handle to exit.