Gate types:

1. Ensure there is enough space to fit the provided wooden block on the larger leaf of the gate.

      Size of the Wooden block: 72mm (W) x 202mm (H)

      Wooden block Thickness: 30mm

2. Ensure that the gate type and thickness are suitable

Gate types: Single-leaf, (Best installed on) Double-leaf, and Triple-leaf gates 

Gate thickness: ≤30mm

3. Ensure that there is enough clearance between the door and the gate

Distance: 45mm

4. Ensure to install only on the larger leaf of the metal gate

There will be obstruction if installed on the smaller leaf since the striker needs to protrude out.

5. Ensure that the horizontal bar thickness of the big leaf's gate is met

      Horizontal bar thickness: <25mm

6. Ensure that your metal gate grill design is suitable

The recommended design is the vertical bar grill as illustrated. 

For other grill designs, please send us a web link of your gate photos to

Examples of metal gate grill designs that are not compatible:

Click here to view the Gate Lock Compatibility Guide (PDF form)

If you are unsure if your gate is suitable for the Gate lock, send us web links of your gate photos to