All our locks support the following PINs and they can be generated remotely (via algoPIN, our proprietary algorithm) or via direct Bluetooth connection to the lock:

  1. Permanent PIN
    1. PINs that are permanent and anyone who knows the PIN can access
  2. Duration PIN
    1. PINs that are only able to be used for a set period of time
    2. Set start date & time
    3. Set end date & time
  3. Recurring PIN
    1. Recurring weekly PINs
    2. Set which date to start
    3. Set the time frame 
  4. One Time PIN
    1. A one-time only PIN is generated, PIN cannot be used more than one time

IMPORTANT: Generating PINs remotely via algoPIN would require the PIN user to use the PIN within 24 hours of activation. Setting the PIN via Bluetooth requires the user to be within Bluetooth distance to the lock.

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