The PIN code you are using may no longer be valid; check on your igloohome App if the PIN is still in the 'active' tab.

This is how the lock behaves when an incorrect PIN is entered.

If it is inactive, generate another PIN to gain entry into your premises.

If it is active, try unlocking the lock using Bluetooth; if it still does not unlock, the lock may not have enough battery power. Try to jumpstart the deadbolt using a 9V battery.

If it still does not unlock, there may be a possible obstruction that is causing your lock to malfunction.

Try to use a physical key to gain entry. If this is not available, and all the above options are not working for you, you may need to engage a locksmith to break the lock.

Please reach out to our support team at for further guidance.

Article Number:IGB4IT1006
File Type:General Public (GP)