Our support team is here 24hrs for your every concern! Please find our contact details below:

Contact numbers:

(Singapore) +65 3129 2464 (24 hours)

(USA) +1 929 224 0688 (24 hours)

Email: support@igloohome.co

It would greatly facilitate our responses if you can provide us with the following details in your email:

·        A short video of the malfunctioning lock showing the fault encountered

(for troubleshooting purposes)

·        A copy of your invoice

·        Your shipping address

·        Your contact details (in the event if we need to walk you through some troubleshooting steps via phone call)

We will assess your ticket based on the above information and get back to you within the day on the next steps required. 

If your lock is still within warranty and in the event we were unable to resolve your locks’ issues, we will be able to offer a free replacement to ensure your premises stay secured.

If your lock has fallen out of warranty, we do offer spare parts replacements for supported models. In the event your lock is not supported for spare parts, a new purchase will have to be made.

Rest assured that our support team is here to review your concern closely and ensure you are serviced to your satisfaction.

*Note: If you have purchased your lock from one of our authorized resellers, please reach out to them directly to find out more on your supported warranty coverage.

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