Before pairing, ensure that your lock has been properly installed with fresh batteries, and that your phone has a strong Bluetooth and Internet connection (Internet connection is only needed during pairing).

In the app, go to "Set Up Home" on the side menu, select the lock model you wish to pair. If this is your first time setting up a lock, select "Add New Lock to New Home". If you already have an existing Home listing, select "Add New Lock to Existing Home(s)". Follow the instructions on the next page and press "Next". Select your lock (commonly represented by a string of letters and numbers) to pair. 

When the lock is successfully paired, a beep will emit from the lock, and a pop-up will appear on your phone with the message "Resetting Lock for new codes". The app will then prompt you to set up a new Home listing (if you have not already done so), or associate your newly-paired lock with an existing listing. You will also be required to name your lock.