When you purchase from us, we guarantee your product will be supported for the years to come. Below are the software and security updates guarantees for our products. If you have a product that is not listed here, please reach out to our customer service team and they'll do their best to assist you.

About updates

Igloo products regularly receives software, firmware and security updates that includes enhancement to the product's security, provides new features, bug fixes and more.

Until when will you get updates

Our products have guaranteed updates until the date listed, however, if the product is not superseded by another model, we may extend the support period.


Warranty Year(s) (EU)
Hardware/Software Support Period
Bridge (EB1)131-Dec-27
KeyPad (EK1)131-Dec-27
KeyFob (IEF1)131-Dec-27
Keybox 3 (IGK3)131-Dec-27
Padlock 2 (SP2X)231-Dec-27
Padlock 2E (SP2E)131-Dec-27
Padlock Lite (SP3B/SP3R)231-Dec-27
Deadbolt 2S (IGB4)231-Dec-26
Retrofit Lock (OE1)231-Dec-27
Mortise 2 (IGM3)231-Dec-27
Mortise 2+ (IGM4)231-Dec-27
Rim Lock for Wooden Door (RW1)1
Glass Door Lock (RG1)1