Unlock the Power of Avantio Version 2: A Seamless Onboarding Experience!.

Outlined below is a comprehensive walkthrough to guide you through the process of integrating your locks with Avantio Version 2.

Let's get started!.

1.) Go to Iglooconnect and Login to Portal with your Igloohome credentials


2.) Go to Settings and tap on Configure stripe payment

3.) Select Avantio on the list of Service Providers.

4.) Sign into Avantio

 ( Note: This credential is NOT the same as AvantioVRMS )

5.) Sign into Igloohome.  This will load all your locks from igloohome into your account.

6.) Select Lock List.

7.) Select “Add Lock”.

8.) Select your lock. For multiple locks, you can only select locks from the same Timezone.

9.) Press Continue.

10.) Select your Property.

11.) Press OK

(After adding your lock, it will appear in the Pending List for 15 minutes)

After 15 minutes, it will appear in the Active list. Guests can now make a booking for that property.

This is what guests will receive in their email after their booking is confirmed.