The integration of the Apple Watch with Igloohome smart locks represents a significant leap in the realm of smart home security and access control. By combining the convenience and functionality of the Apple Watch with the cutting-edge technology of Igloohome, users gain a seamless and secure means of managing their smart locks.

In this article, it will show you how to set up your Apple Watch to your igloohome lock.

For this feature to be supported, user must have the following: 

Minimum watch OS version:  8.4

Minimum IGH app version:   3.0.4

Minimum lock version:           Version 5 onwards 

Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to igloohome

Step 2: Pair your lock(s) to the igloohome account

Step 3: If an Apple Watch is already paired with your phone, the feature will be visible under `Profile` tab, located at the bottom navigation bar

Step 5: Select `+` to begin adding your paired lock(s) to your Apple Watch.

Once successfully added, you can now lock and unlock your selected lock(s) using your Apple Watch!.