Below are some Frequently asked Questions about Siri shortcut:

1.)  What functions that Siri Shortcuts provide? 

Siri Shorcut on igloohome now provides both lock and unlock functions 

2.) Is SmartSequence™️ supported? 

Bluetooth unlock DOES NOT support SmartSequence™️ function. Only RFID, fingerprint and PIN supports Smart Sequence

However, you are able to leverage on Siri shortcut to set up multiple actions using the same command. This will enable you to sequentially unlock multiple locks

Even though the outcome is the same, do note that the response time using Siri shortcuts with multiple actions will be delayed. We would recommend using the SmartSequence™️ feature instead for all supported locks. 

3.) Why is my shortcut not working after the command has been set? 

Try to close close on the app in the background and try to execute the command again.

4). Do I need to turn on my Wi-Fi for the commands to work?

Your iPhone is required to have Wi-Fi connection in order for Siri Shorcuts commands to work.