We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide quick and helpful information.

You may refer to the details below: 

1. Should I use OE1 bluetooth ID or EK1 in the Avantio-portal?

answer: EK1

2. My EK1 does not unlock my OE1?

answer: you need to link your keypad (EK1) with OE1 (Retrofit) in the igloohome app.

3. Why does my list of properties doesn’t show up?

answer: It takes around 2 hours to show up

4. My algoPIN is not generated although it is in pre-booking.

answer: It can take up to 5 minutes for the pin code to be generated

5. What happens when guests want to extend their booking?

answer: You have to access igloohome app, go to the EK1 for that property and generate duration AlgoPIN manually.

6. What happens when I want to delete an algoPIN?

answer: Currently, we are developing this feature and will be launched at a later date (TBC).

7. Where do we find the access code?

answer: The link with the access code is embedded in the email

              Access the confirmation email and click on the link