To begin your integration, follow these steps: 

Step 1:

  • Ensure you have an igloohome account            
  • Download the igloohome app on the Play Store or App Store
  • Register for an account

Step 2:

         Pair your locks to the igloohome account.

         This needs to be done within Bluetooth range of your lock


  • Launch the igloohome app on your mobile device
  • Turn your Bluetooth on
  • Tap the [Add and Manage] tab in the Menu bar
  • Tap [Add Lock]
  • Tap the Property you want the lock to be associated with
  • Select your lock model
  • Follow the steps shown on the screen
  • Tap on the Product ID that is lit on the screen
  • Let the lock pair with your igloohome account, you should see a Blue blinking light on your lock to let you know that pairing is in progress
  • Once the lock is paired, you can name it for identification

Step 3: 

  • Purchase your integration slots on iglooconnect 
  • Go to
  • Log in to the portal with your igloohome account 
  • Select the service you wish to integrate with ( Avantio)
  • Select number of slots you need (one slot per lock) 
  • Checkout 

Step 4: 

  • Getting the exchange code to complete the integration
  • On the igloohome app, go to Account Settings
  • Tap on iglooconnect 
  • Tap on Connected Services and choose the service provider you've purchased slots from
  • Tap the icon on the top right corner
  • Select a lock to connect (Note: Select EK1to connect as your AlgoPin generation target lock/SKU) 
  • Tap connect
  • Tap the copy button to copy the exchange code. 
  • Login to the Avantio Portal:
  • Enter the Bluetooth ID of the lock and Exchange Code on the Avantio Portal

And you're done!