1. Situation: Internal Lockout

  2. Symptoms: The thumbturn is stuck and the lock isn’t turning. The person inside cannot get out. There’s an obstruction alarm that the user can see.

    1. Indicative symptoms: During the functioning of the retrofit, there’s an obstruction alarm that is generally cleared by pressing the multi function button to lock/unlock

  3. Troubleshooting: 

    1. Use the multi function button to try and unlock the door 

    2. Manually turn the thumb-turn to unlock the door and clear the jam. Wiggle the thumb-turn around the angle where it is stuck.

  4. Resolution: The lock needs to be opened for the person to get out

    1. Remove the battery cover at the bottom

    2. Unscrew the 4 phillips head screws on the side (2 each side)

    3. Use the thumb-turn or key to unlock the door

  5. Future remedy: 

    1. If your thumb-turn/key action is non uniform, because of the lockset being stiff due to age or full of dust/grime, this problem may happen again. This situation mainly occurs because your lock is too stiff for the Retrofit lock to turn. You may need to change out the key cylinder or lubricate using a degreaser such as WD-40.

    2. The retrofit can turn thumbturns or keys up to 10 N-m or a 10kg force from a distance of 1m. 

  6. Instructions to installers/CS Team: 

    1. If a customer repeatedly has obstruction alarm problems then it can possibly lead to a lockout like this

    2. We should ensure that the key cylinder is not very old/stiff

    3. In situations like this we shouldn’t pay for the locksmith services, the customer should be. 

  7. Future solution: 

    1. We’re trying to increase the torque in the high power mode to 15Nm (50% increase) with a DFU