Retrofit lock should be compatible with both left and right rotation doors.

1. Ensure your cylinder is a Euro profile cylinder.

2. Ensure that there is enough clearance from the cylinder to the edge of the door.  

Distance: >32mm

The backset is the distance from the euro cylinder to the edge of the door.

3. Ensure that the euro cylinder profile is located below the handlebar.

4. Ensure that you can unlock the door from the outside when a key is inserted on the inside.

5. Ensure that your key fits these dimensions:

Key thickness: <5mm

Key Head width: <39mm

Key Head depth: <33mm

6. For single cylinders, ensure that the thumbturn fits these dimensions:

Thumbturn length: up to 20mm - 36mm

Thumbturn width: up to 30mm

Thumbturn depth: up to 29mm

Click here to view the Retrofit Compatibility Guide (PDF form)

If you are unsure if your door is suitable for the Retrofit lock, send us web links of your door photos to