Our Keybox 2 are portable and do not require installation on a door. The design of the Keybox allows it to be secured onto door handles, railings, or mounted onto the wall (4 screw holes at the back).

To secure it to door handles or gates/railings, use the key provided with your Keybox to unlock the shackle, and shackle it on, and lock the shackle with the key.

To secure it to a wall, drill 4 holes corresponding to the holes on the back of the Keybox, insert the screw anchors into the 4 drilled holes, and mount with the provided screws.

We advise that the Keybox be secured in a sheltered area. It is splash-resistant with IP65 certifications, but is not water-proof. Please note that our warranty does not cover water damage.

Note: The physical key provided with the Keybox is meant for the shackle only and does not unlock the Keybox.