iglooconnect works on an “integration slot” system. Adding a lock to a slot completes the integration between igloohome and any of our supported partners. When you buy a slot, you sign up for the integration service that you pay for on a monthly basis. To get started:

  1. Subscribe to slot(s) through iglooconnect portal
    1. Download the igloohome app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
    2. Register for an igloohome account
    3. Visit the iglooconnect portal: https://connect.igloocompany.co
    4. Log in using your igloohome account email
    5. Choose the appropriate service provider you wish to connect your locks to
    6. Check out with the desired number of slots (1 lock = 1 slot)
  2. Add a lock to a slot using the igloohome mobile app
    1. Go to [Account Settings] from menu
    2. Tap on [iglooconnect]
    3. Go to your [Service Provider]
    4. Tap on the [+] icon on the top right corner
    5. Select your desired lock to link to the slot 
  3. Copy Exchange Code
    1. Navigate to the “Pending” tab and find the lock you want to link to your listing
    2. Tap on the drop-down arrow to view the Exchange Code
    3. Tap on the [copy icon]
  4. Paste the Exchange Code on the third party service provider’s platform
    1. Visit the third party service provider’s platform using your preferred web browser
    2. Locate the property/facility listing view
    3. Paste the Exchange Code
    4. Optional: Include your lock’s Bluetooth ID*
    5. Link your lock to the listing

*Note: Some service providers may require the Bluetooth ID of the locks that are being connected to their platform, together with the Exchange Code. The Bluetooth ID of all locks can be found at the top of the Settings page under the individual lock.