To know if you have the legacy or the igloochip version of our locks, please check this article!

igloochip locks:


PINs: All PINs can be deleted except the Master PIN. You can choose to delete one or all PINs. This action needs to be done within Bluetooth range.


Method 1 – Delete one PIN:


Within Bluetooth range, click on PIN name in the [Pending] or [Active] tab followed by [Delete icon].


Method 2 – Delete all PINs:

Within Bluetooth range, under Lock [Settings] tab,

click [Delete All PINs]



Bluetooth Keys: Bluetooth keys can be revoked anytime, anywhere.


Click on Bluetooth key name in the

[Pending] or [Active] tab followed by

[Delete icon]

Click [Revoke]

Legacy locks:


PIN codes cannot be deactivated via the app once they have been issued.


You will need to reset your PINs within Bluetooth range to ensure that the PIN code is no longer valid. Take note that this will delete all PINs. Alternatively, you can edit the PIN on the lock itself - please be advised that the PIN needs to be used once before you can do so.


Home owners are advised to be cautious when granting access to guests - it’s similar to entrusting someone with your key.


Alternatively, you may wish to share a Bluetooth Key. Bluetooth Keys can be revoked remotely.

Article Number:IHAPP1100
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