To know if your lock is a legacy lock or part of our igloochip series, please check this article! If you have an igloochip version of the lock, please refer to this article for troubleshooting steps. 

Please find below all the troubleshooting steps that you might need. 

1. Check if you have used the PINs within the time frame. The PINs will expire if they are not used within the activation time frame. Please see the guide below.


One-Time PINs must be used within 6 hours creation

Permanent PINs must be used within 24 hours after creation

Duration PINs must be used within 24 hours of start time 

Bluetooth keys must be claimed within one hour after creation



2. Please sync your lock. Within Bluetooth range, please go to the Settings page and tap on sync. Try to use the PIN again. (If you are not within the area, you can ask your property manager to download the igloohome app and share your credentials).


3. Generate another PIN and see if that works.


4. Unpair the lock and pair it again. Then generate PINs and use. This should fix the problem. (Attached are the videos for your use)


If this doesn't work, please take a screenshot of the activity logs showing the recent activities you have done and send it to us. We will further troubleshoot.



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