You may create a Bluetooth Key for another account on the igloohome app, or share master account access.

Depending on the use-case, you may wish to:

Create different keys for individual family members - this means that each family member will have their own igloohome account tied to a different Bluetooth Key. This allows you to track Bluetooth Key entry by individual accounts.

Create the same key for all family members - this means that one Bluetooth Key will be shared with a family igloohome account which is shared among family members. This is easier to set up as there are fewer accounts and keys to create. However, the owner will only be able to track entry by the family account and not the individual.

Share owner's account details (for Master Bluetooth Unlock). This does not require creation of additional Bluetooth Keys. However, family members will have admin control over the lock as well.

Article Number:IHAPP1057
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