There are a few features of our lock that prevent hackers from gaining access to your property:

Advanced AES encryption and server side architecture are used for our software to ensure the highest level of security.
Every data connection between your mobile device and lock is encoded with a timestamp. Every connection to transmit data is only valid at that time, and cannot be saved for future use.
The key to decrypt is unique to your user account, and also unique to your lock. Even if someone else's igloohome lock is hacked into, your lock will not be affected.
Bluetooth is a local area connection, so it is not possible for people to hack it from afar.
To prevent hackers from guessing your PIN code, igloohome locks also come with a Decoy PIN feature and a security lock-out mode.

If at any point in time you feel like your lock may have been hacked, you can always re-pair your lock to your account. This refreshes the highly secure AES key. If you feel that your account may be compromised, you may wish to change the password to your account. You may also wish to create a new account, delete the lock form your old account, and pair it to the new one.

We advise to refrain from sharing your login details with others as they will have control over the locks paired to that account.

Article Number:IHAPP1025
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