If you have 1 lock that you need to connect to multiple Airbnb listings, you will have to add the lock to each home listing on the igloohome app.

In the example below, there is 1 apartment with 1 Main door lock and 2 Room locks. There are 2 Airbnb listings, one for each room. 

In order to set up Airbnb connect for these listings:

  1. Create 1 Home listing for each Airbnb listing
  2. Connect the Home listing to the Airbnb listing
  3. Associate all applicable locks to the Home listing

In this example, under the Home listing "Room 1 Locks", the following locks should be associated:

  • Main Door
  • Room 1 Garden View

By doing so, guests who make a new reservation under "Room with Garden View (5 minutes walk from town area" will receive PIN codes for Main Door and Room 1 Garden View locks.