If you encounter the error message: "Unable to connect to Bluetooth Lock message," you may be trying to unlock your door with a Bluetooth key. 

  1. Ensure your Bluetooth connection is active and you are within Bluetooth range (within a few meters of the door).

  2. Open the lock right away after clicking on the green circle to unlock the door, after you hear the lock open.

  3. If these steps still do not work, use a PIN or physical key to open the door for now. If you have a Deadbolt model, the door may be on "Privacy Lockout Mode" from the inside, so you can only enter with a physical key. If that is not the case, you can ask the host for a new Bluetooth key.

  4. If the error still occurs and you are the owner of the lock, you can try to pair the lock again to your app by following instructions on pages 5 and 6 of the App Guide here. If the lock is still listed, first delete it by going to Set Up Menu > Manage Locks. Then click the trash icon and select the lock you wish to delete.

  5. After pairing your lock, to associate the lock with a home listing, go back to the previous page and check the name of the home you wish to list your lock under.

If these still do not work, please contact us at support@igloohome.co.